Poker Strategy

Man, have we got a strategy section for you! Every type of poker out there can be hellova challenging, so we've devoted this entire section to helping you master it - or, if you'd prefer, to helping you put the beats on your opponents. Check out the links below for a wide range of poker info, all of which will help you up your play as you sit down to your first game. If, however, you find there's something we haven't covered here, you can find a complete list of poker rules here and a page devoted entirely to Hold'em here.

Basic Strategy
  • Hand Rankings
    Quick: Which is better, a three-of-a-kind or a fullhouse? If you're having trouble remembering - or never knew to begin with - you should definitely head to this page before ever sitting down at a poker table.

  • Texas Hold'em Basic Rules
    Nobody likes sitting down at a table without knowing his @$$ from his elbow! Click here to find out everything you need to know to start playing this popular poker permutation both online and off - and not look like a complete doof doing it.

  • Omaha 8 Basic Rules
    If you can play Hold'em, you can definitely play Omaha 8. Click here to learn more about this poker-night fave.

  • Omaha High Basic Rules
    Omaha High is all about doubling your chance of getting a swank hand. Click here to find out how to raise your odds with this challenging poker classic.

  • Seven-Card Stud Basic Rules
    You might think this classic game is the stuff of Florida retirement condos, but whether your grandpappy plays it or not, it still packs one hell of a wallop. Follow this link to find out how you can get in on the old-time action.

  • Draw Poker
    Another oldie but goodie, Five-, Six- and Seven-Card Draw are the fastest - and most difficult - poker versions you can play. Make sure you swing by this section before giving them a shot.

  • Poker Positions
    Poker is kind of like musical chairs: If you aren't quick to the draw, you can get screwed in the seating arrangement. Check out this section to find out more about poker positions and how a little thing like where you sit can affect the whole game.

  • Poker Jive
    Think you know how to play poker, huh? Well, think again! If you can't remember what "pocket rockets" are or how to "steal" you're gonna reak of newbdom no matter what table you sit at. Pack it off to this section so you don't have suffer in silence during the coming games.

  • Top Mistakes of the Poker Newb
    Hey you! Yeah, you, you piddling, uninitiated newb! Click here to find out exactly what will and won't fly in your coming match-ups. Otherwise, we might just track you down and give you a wedgy your grandkids'll feel.

  • Thinking Like a Poker Player
    It's not enough to just eat, sleep and breathe poker. You're also gonna have to start thinking like a player too. Click here for more information on how to get your noggin as in the game as your heart is.

  • Bankroll
    You can be the best poker player out there, but if you ain't got the dough to back it up, you're as good as a car without wheels. Check out this page to find out exactly how much you need and how to use it before betting a single, solitary dime.

  • Bluffing
    If we all knew how to bluff, we'd be raking it in faster than we could spend it. Sadly, though, bluffing is one of the hardest things to master and regarless of whether you wear a hat, a pair of sunglasses - heck, even a ski mask - you're likely to have tells that'll nail you every time. Check out this section to learn more about quashing your own personal tics and turning that lo pair into a three-of-a-kind.

  • Going on Tilt
    Before you can defeat the player without, you must first defeat the player within, grasshoppa! Click here for more happy-good teachings that give inner demons hya chop to head.

  • Money and Self-Discipline
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know we sound like your parents talking all this "money management" garbage. But, seriously, can you really tell us you're willing to bet when you don't even know how much money you've got? Please, don't answer that. Just click the link.

  • Poker Basic Strategy
    Before you get into the real meat of poker strategy, you'll need to know the basics. This page includes the simplest of simple tips and even makes mention of sarsaparilla - Hey, it's Poker Master, go figure.

Advanced Strategy
  • No-Limit Poker Strategy
    Money is tight these days whether you're a broker or a broom-pusher, and no doubt, nobody wants to lose his shirt from a bit of Friday-night fun. This link explains how to use other peoples' innate fear of going for broke to your advantage when the stakes at a poker table are as big as you want to make them.

  • Lo-Limit Poker Strategy
    Besides free, online games, lo-limit poker tables present you with the best opportunity to hone your poker skills before playing with the big dogs. Check out this section for more information on how you can get the most out of live, lo-limit tables - and walk away a few dollars richer to boot!

  • Longhand Limit Poker
    What is a "Longhand Limit" and how does it affect play? Find out all this and more by heading here.

  • Shorthand Limit Poker
    When there're fewer players at the table, there's usually less money in the pot. Find out how to launch your own little poker coups and become chipleader win by itty-bitty win by packing it off to this page.

  • Advanced Poker Tips
    If you're like us, you could spend hours watching WSOP reruns and marveling at the power plays poker gods like Doyle Brunson and Phil Hellmuth pull off. But these keen moves aren't the exclusive right of poker celebrities. Hell, no! Believe it or not, you too can use advanced strategies to clean up, and this section is an excellent place to begin learning how.

  • Starting Hands
    A big part of making a poker hand work for you is knowing what to do before the flop. Obviously, you'll never play a round in which every hand is pocket aces, but what you do between the deal and the first bet can make a 2, 3 opener just as worthwhile as a royal flush.

  • Outs and Pot Odds
    Number-crunching might not be your cup, but it's necessary in every casino game you'll ever play. Check out this section to get a more in-depth look at poker math and how to use it.

  • Slow Play No-Nos
    Just like anything else in poker, slow play is deceptively simple. Sure, you get the concept, but can you really say you know when you shouldn't use this strategy? If you can't, click on this link to learn exactly when you should slow play - and when you're better off leaving well-enough alone.

  • The Simple Math of Poker Odds
    One of the simplest strategies for winning a hand of poker is to size up your chances before you decide to call, check or fold. Check out this section for a short-hand rundown of how to acquire and use this skill in your next poker match-up.

  • Poker Tells: Tics of the Trade
    You've got your hat, you've got your suglasses - heck, you've even got camouflage face paint on! - so how in tarnation do the other players always manage to call your bluff? Click here to find out what tells are, and how you too can avoid them.

  • The Zen of Poker
    So you think after all that fine reading you've done, you're ready to hit the table, huh? Get serious, grasshoppa! If you ain't even begun to learn the what's-what of proper meta-play, how can you expect to snatch the pebble from our collective Poker Master hand? And no, this isn't a question we can answer for you, but one you must answer for yourself. Click here to find out how.

Poker Extras
  • 'Real' vs. 'Virtual' Poker
    Some players like the comforts of playing in their undies, while others thrive on the live action of a face-to-face showdown. Link to this section to see our break-down of the pros and cons before deciding which is better for you.

  • Collusion: The Cheater's Last Stand
    Online poker might seem like it's ferreted out every last form of cheating known to man. In reality, though, online cheating is just as prevalent as the cheats of yesteryear. Find out more about what to look for and how to protect yourself by clicking on this link.