Welcome to our "Useful" or 'Extras' section. We hope that's exactly what it is- useful for you the player. Here you'll find an assortment of products and information in which you might be interested or which might teach you something you previously didn't know. We take pride in answering your questions! This is also the place to extend your research into online poker and topics, important concepts, or fun parallel issues that you might find interesting. If you're on the lookout for some unique poker products that are worth the money (according to us), you'll find information about that as well. Happy hunting!

Cheating - Unfortunately, there are not only cheating players but also some dishonest poker rooms. Learn more about which rooms to avoid, consequences of cheating online, and what online poker rooms are doing to address such threats and problems.

Software - Poker software can be expensive. We won't lie. Some of it can cost upwards of $70. It's also not so widespread yet that having it is absolutely mandatory. What's noteworthy, though, is that technology like practice software can quickly and commandingly improve your game. That's why this section might be worth a look. Also included: odds calculators, some of which are FREE…

Poker Books - We've read and reviewed scores of poker books, and here's a list of our top selections. Note that we don't prefer any particular author, publisher or even year of publication. These are simply the best poker books in circulation today…

Collusion - Learn more about the practice and the fear of which keeps so many playes away from online rooms.

Addiction - Gambling or poker addiction is a serious problem for many and one which merits a lot of attention, education, and consideration BEFORE engaging in any gambling activity. Check our section here for more info on what some consider a disease and the symptoms and causes thereof as well as sources of help.

Poker Forums - online poker forums can be a fantastic source of information on strategy, poker room reviews, and user feedback. This section a quick run-down of some of the more popular online forums and represents a quick and easy way to get started.